i wait for you to come to me [come…]
the soul inside me giggles shrewdly chic
come with the longing to write to me
[with your teeth…] [with your tongue…]
[with your breath in mine…]
your love’s alphabet on my epidermis
[stir up the delight out of my dreams…]
be possessed in the passion’s bedding
so luringly anointed with my suspires
you… [to come…] [to write…] [to me…]
[demon…] pixilated in
endless waves of my untamed climaxes
✓✍🏻 ;₎₎
un p’tit je ne sais quoi © coco

📸Dave Kelley

Benny Mardones ft. Marino De Silva

8 thoughts on “possessed

  1. I like the parenthetical method d’art that would come, see, and conquer between grand stanzas. There is virtue in chic-ing cheeky cheek with jowl howls of the owl, and sassy sauce for the skinny dipping pair who plunge into passion.

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    1. i love the way your comment ran to my dreams eliminating subtly the surplus from the layers by analyzing and synthesizing it objectively

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    1. hi John!!! lovely to see you too!!! finally, I can read again your beautiful works✨✍ 😍 thanks for stopping by, my friend, and also for greetings💕

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