spinning my mind

i dreamed you’re searching for me…

then, spinning my mind, you to find me,
i used all my tricks and
i sent the shades of my eyes
on your dark sky,

with my lips, —
[a smoothly touch of the sun’s beam],
i kissed your eyelids,

that crystalline and playfully smile
walking itself through your blood, —
it’s mine,

the alluring sighs in your eardrums
are for you to memorize my name,

the perfume of my body
it’s cruised by my gently wind on you, —

all of me, — a hallucinogenic silhouette
metastasized in all cardinal directions
is surveilling you, is waiting,
is bringing you to me…[ultrarêve]

3 thoughts on “spinning my mind

    1. aww…you melted my soul…thank you, David
      I’m back…
      from now on I’ll be constantly here posting and supporting everyone’s work
      I’m so much happy to see you… It’s an atmosphere so emotional so indescribable… thank you a lot❣💛💫

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