insistent onomatopoeia…

Sometimes, when I feel invisible or isolated
by those people who I don’t even know ’em,
I tuck myself into good feelings, then I make
from my present a gorgeous party, expressed
in percentages of vibrations capable to shake
any answer without question and vice-versa.
It might sound pretty bookish, but justifies
the reason for which I feel powerful & loved,
admired, smart and intuitive, and also, envied
by persons who love using their complacency
accusing that false tiredness. Hereby, I chose
to get transfigured in a beauty fiction or poetry,
in a song or insistent onomatopoeia as others
to can feel the incantations of a wildish soul.

✓✍🏻 ;₎₎

trrrrr acia, trrrrr ha ha
trrrrr voom bam, trrrrr ha ha
shalalala… ya

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