un profil pour deux, just ‘cos you can don’t mean you should

[a fury dispersed to nowhere exactly as it was brought (🤨) ]

The difference between me and you is made
by our habits and our different way of living our life.
We’re not hanging around in the same entourage.
We don’t even know each other, but with all these
nothing stopped us to share some ideas about
something that we’ve been agreed, at a time.
[have to repeat/mention again, we never ever met]
I don’t know you or introduced myself to you.
I never saw you, touched you, characterized you.
I never criticized you, cursed you, abused you or
harmed you. I never admired you or boasted you.
(no confusions for an appreciation of a post shared)
Still, you thought you have any right to hurt me. Why?
But this is your problem. Spend your time exactly
as you like describing yourself through own actions.
Be indifferent. Treat everyone and everything with
arrogance. After all, voluntary or involuntary, it is
about who you are or how you like to be and look like.
I’ll end these lines, saying, inspired being by this song,
just ‘cos you can… don’t mean you should
©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ ↭ un p’tit je ne sais quoi

Joe Bonamassa

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