king & queen

the one I love… the one who loves me… 
and me… know nothing about sex… 
I don’t make fellatio and I don’t get 
cunnilingus… or anything like this… 
we try to discover each other using 
our fingers only to play Remy or Chess… 
other days and nights, we watch just tv… 
or listen to our music, [dancing… rare•ly] 
tonight we will play again on our bed 
Macau, Scrabble, or Chess, of course… 
sipping our juice using more than II tactics 
till we putting ourselves in Checkmate… 
the fantasizing strategy wears our name, 
he’s my king & queen is me in love’s realm 
Jeremiah Johnson ♪
Jan Gillan & the Javelins ♪

dream out loud…

Writing It Down by Deborah DeWit
you’re not insane
but just enamored
of me… —
any rationality or logic
fades away
to make a place
to dream out loud
to lose yourself
in a literature
unstructured but with
a profound repertoire
at a higher level where
mutatis mutandis
you’re divulged
in the edition of my love

©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ ↭ un p’tit je ne sais quoi

Martha Bean & Joel Evans │ Extreme Music

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