for the music of my heart

if I’d be asked, who’s the best one for me at this moment,
perhaps my answer will be promptly like this, — the best one
for me is the one who loves me, who knows to touch my heart
with surgical precision, targeting with the top of the words
my emotions, my feelings, my thrills, and similarly knows
to offer intense and unforgettable experiences transforming
all of these in a true story having care for the music of my heart
to not lose its own rhythm… flying like birds in any direction
or explosively, as if I’d be the only option or last bullet in a gun

Imagine Dragons


— Can you tell me in short, complete sentence 
featuring no words over two syllables,
why exactly I am in these pictures?
▬ Theoretically, if you go to the past in the future,
then your future lies in the past. This is
a picture of you in the future — in the past. 
— Say that again.  │ ▬ Until?  │ — Until…

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