My mind went somewhere far, far away. It got in a place from where it heard being called, but it has been caught between dreams. From there it took me in a climate where everything seemed so familiar but also so strange because someone whispered my name. Was the murmur of that mysterious sound, gentle and wavy. That kind of sigh which only the love is capable to put it on the someone lips. And I turned softly daring to hold in my arms and to kiss the one who knew how to made me radiate by dressing me up in that finesse and delicate grace showing me the path to the light, pleasantly anointed with a divine scent for convincing me that what we have is burnin’ so vast just for both of us.
©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ ↭ un p’tit je ne sais quoi

Black Stone Cherry

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