dans la chambre de mes secrets
j’oublie l’avenir et le passé
les lumières sont [no … suppose]
et un plaisir intense explose
en des millions de perles nacrées
je rêves de tes caresses étoilées
un jour, je t’appartiendrai
et tu connaitra tout mes secrets
dans le parfum du désir, je m’avance
et toutes les envies auxquelles je pense
deviennent peu à peu réalité
des larmes fous comme j’ai rêvée
tu sais lire dans mes pensées
ce que je veux, toi seul le sais
tu rêves d’amour et de beauté
j’ai quelque chose à te montrer
Dita Von Teese 
I have winter here with the beautiful snow;
it covered delicately with those sixfold symmetries,
the streets, the trees, everything…
I’ve stolen a peek at a snowflake from my window
and one of them wink at me and seemed
to whisper something that was a bit unclearly
but in a sweetness tenderly and melodic manner,
❝ hey, lovely blonde ❞
followed by whispers that came somehow
indiscernible for being transcribed… and yet,  
the smile on my face, it murmured back, 
love flows through my bones adorning me daily
in a funny dialect as yours, you lovely one…
©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ ↭ un p’tit je ne sais quoi
Sébastien Tellier

from head to toe

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TᵒDʳᵉᵃᵐAᵇᵒᵘᵗYᵒᵘ‧‧‧, I got dressed beautifully, —

I got dressed with you… from head to toe…


could you would you؟?

the scent out of me is you, — 

the arrangement fragrance
is using the metaphor of music 
explored into an accurate structure 
for describing a sensual experience; 
the head — has the magical travel 
the heart — has the world of the dreams 
and the base — has whatever is in my mind; 
the scent out of me is you, —
but could you would you complete it
with a harmonious accord of your senses؟? 
Willy DeVille ft. Mark Knopfler


Je suis perdu dans l’illusion unique
avec laquelle, tu m’a magnétisé et
avec quoi, d’une manière ou d’une autre,
tu as égayé la meilleure partie de moi.
C’est l’un de mes mémoires du futur
avec laquelle, je vis en ce moment,
dans ce présent… — et pour lequel
il n’est pas nécessaire de me justifier
car j’ai été au dedans toi hypnotisé

Oliver Koletzki ft. Fran

for the music of my heart

if I’d be asked, who’s the best one for me at this moment,
perhaps my answer will be promptly like this, — the best one
for me is the one who loves me, who knows to touch my heart
with surgical precision, targeting with the top of the words
my emotions, my feelings, my thrills, and similarly knows
to offer intense and unforgettable experiences transforming
all of these in a true story having care for the music of my heart
to not lose its own rhythm… flying like birds in any direction
or explosively, as if I’d be the only option or last bullet in a gun

Imagine Dragons


— Can you tell me in short, complete sentence 
featuring no words over two syllables,
why exactly I am in these pictures?
▬ Theoretically, if you go to the past in the future,
then your future lies in the past. This is
a picture of you in the future — in the past. 
— Say that again.  │ ▬ Until?  │ — Until…

un amour au super U

Yesterday, I would be wanted,
a sunny day and warmly wind,
with the perfume of the wildflowers,
instead, I received a misty-chilly day.
It’s okay, I encouraged myself, while
the Radiohead has been lying me
murmuring, true love waits… and one
game to lose it’s not the end of the world
after all, it inspired me I’m With Her.
And still, it could become, if «you’re 
the one who stopped to no longer dream 
of such a beautiful thought», intervened
Lewis OfMan with un amour au super U

Lewis OfMan


as if
your thought cross through my mind
and mine in yours (we’re an addict)

as if
a tempo, texture, pause or intonation
captures a unique nuance (finesse)

as if
something else stimulates our perception
evoked by emotions (meant not for us)

(as if you’d care)—— (as if I’d care)——
un p’tit je ne sais quoi © ᶜᵒᶜᵒ

The Nicholas

you… be love

it’s again that hour when your soft kiss
slips gently in my bedding waking me up
in a dream out of a dream to a dream
camouflaged in tender thoughts of yours
bathed by the moonlight in the sea-foam
with scandalous touches that are tamed
to tempt you, be love in a paradox of art

Billy Raffoul


My mind went somewhere far, far away. It got in a place from where it heard being called, but it has been caught between dreams. From there it took me in a climate where everything seemed so familiar but also so strange because someone whispered my name. Was the murmur of that mysterious sound, gentle and wavy. That kind of sigh which only the love is capable to put it on the someone lips. And I turned softly daring to hold in my arms and to kiss the one who knew how to made me radiate by dressing me up in that finesse and delicate grace showing me the path to the light, pleasantly anointed with a divine scent for convincing me that what we have is burnin’ so vast just for both of us.
©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ ↭ un p’tit je ne sais quoi

Black Stone Cherry


If I’d descend from heaven in your eyes like a trail of the moon,
would you delay blinking to not break my ray?
But if I’d be spread from the sky on your lips, with
drops of rain, would I quench your thirst, with this water of mine?
And yet, because the «if», is just a condition of the clause
and the «would», just the main clause, then the answer is simple,
you will be what you want others to be for you, — and me, —
I’ll remain a silent flame in a screamed silhouette… abandoned

                                         Isolated │                                             Beth & Joe —  Lullaby Of The Leaves 

Hold you tight!

I woke up with the desire for being infected
with the virus of a positive mood.
So, spread it up! Give it to me! Hold you tight!
©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ ↭ un p’tit je ne sais quoi

«drunk as drunk on turpentine from your open kisses, and your wet body wedged between my wet body and the strake of our boat that is made of flowers guided by our fingers and pinned by the sun between solstice and equinox, drowsy and tangled together under the net of our kisses» Pablo Neruda

Carlos Johnson │ Hughes Taylor │ Delta Goodrem │ Raving George&nbsp

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