a reply that you can give to someone
is one that was expected, but for which
nobody asked you no question, —
it’s similar like a pause of 13 minutes
at a black coffee with an intense boom
spread in you, as after that, to realize
that the period of time of certain one
dreaming of you will look like a ghost
showing an unwanted notice, error 404

Eric Hutchinson & The Believers ft. Jessie Payo │ Luke Sital-Singh │ Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa │ Passion Coco │ L’Impératrice 

I freaking love You

I love you! — I freaking love You!

You lit up a fire inside of me which
I’ve been not able to cool it down
since I laid my eyes on you.
If you want to explore this further,
then let’s take a trip together
I’m yours, you’re mine, — equally


Rookie │ Morphine

love is hot

hello, lovely dreamer, — you’re lost
in the realm of my wildest mind;
the mystery is dressed up in simplicity;
the cigar, — doesn’t have to be understood;
smoke it; love me; you’re doing good;
your love is hot; you got me in you;


The Likes of Us │ Milky Chance │ Alex Who? │ Donovan & Jeff Beck

Merry Christmas, Baby

visions of sugarplums fairy by Jacqui Faye
Winter“`? Ask me nothing
December“`? Like I’m haunted 
by a hauntingly happiness
Merry Christmas, Baby
Mike Mains

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