interlude à la désirade

with my hands cuddling your hands,
with my body stuck to your body,
with my eyes gazing in your eyes
as if the hands only make sense
on the skin of the other one,
as if the lips have an only taste
by kissing their twin lips,
as if only other eyes find a sense,
when both of us are getting
deepen in the aroma which’s
mine and your interlude à la désirade

Étienne Daho


from the dawn of the first smile to the sunset,
barefoot or shoed-wear, it’s a thirst for a pure
and a warm suspiration of mine and yours…
with an inspirational shore and unleashed beauty
of nature that arises from the early hours, until
agitated nights are ending in intimacy with reality
faded in a begged dream wrapped in a lovely hug
with whispers and words, chosen more or less but
well written in black on white to be sung by those
with colored voices and danced in the rhythm
of a waltz using steps in the rhythms of romance
that pulsates carefully under my skin and yours,
for living the moment as it is for what we are
when we are through it, loving without waiting
questions to answers and answers to questions,
while inside, outside, quiet and crazy, is the sea,
the realm and us fairly to be loved, simultaneously
without pauses, interruptions or regrets, but just
constantly with hot sunny days and rainy days
oxygenated with life’s lucidity, — mine, yours and
our savages deeds of yesterday, today and always

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