Like a Song by Willem Haenraets

My tranquility has colors.
It’s ROYGBIV… and the favorite,
it’s one with fondness scent.
It smells like wildflowers…
But my sonority power
sounds like a well-tuned piano.
A white piano… And yes,
my peace is smooth.
I hear nothing.
The nothingness is sweet.
My tenderness feels fine,
dainty like a velvet, blue velvet,
as is my love, sprightly like honey,
a… pleasant lavender honey…
But if the hate is bitter,
if the indifference hurts,
if the tears are like a… steam,
it’s not my job of defining
since my way of loving
is nectary and silky…
I live as blue as the sky
I feel the spirit warm
I live dreams and
when I wake up,
I refuse to see
that reality could be
an aphotic over-gloomy.
The magic of the stellar-dust
has spread its power all over me.
I live only in the honied and
warm colors of the rainbow.

un p’tit je ne sais quoi © ᶜᵒᶜᵒ ;₎₎

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