l’été indien

I think I need to invent a new alphabet for writing to you
as if you’re drawn for it. And I think the stars must be
the orator that reads to you, when you gonna want to be
absorbed in that fancy-schmancy literature, well defined in
a lullaby sound, just for being dragged in those sweet dreams
grouped in familiar aromas with those kinds of emotions… —
of the morning, — with the top note, naughty…
of the daytime, — with the heart note, a privy gently solace…
of the evening, — with the base note, the irresistible love…
and in-between, — all notes combined and included in each
and any day, for being similarly as a cosmopolitan day from
an Indian summer hugged smoothly by winter’s tenderness
©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ ↭ un p’tit je ne sais quoi

Charles Pasi │ Joe Dassin

satisfaction guaranteed

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I can love you only as I want.
Could be politely or unrespectfully.
With tiny kisses or brutal kisses.
Could be locally or universally.
True-blue or without scruples.
Into a safe perimeter or in a vision.
Through lyrics or sound of a song.
Premeditated or unpredictable.
Like a gentle cat or like a lion.
But I will not love you as you request.
It isn’t any satisfaction guaranteed
if your love has a date of expiration.
©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ ↭ un p’tit je ne sais quoi

Sebernu │ [The Firm] Paul Rodgers

it’s a wonderful time for love

He turned to her, running his hand up her hips
then across her belly and down among her legs
when suddenly he turned around to watch tv…
Astounded, she asked him, “why you stopped”?
“because I found the remote”, he replied.
“but it’s a wonderful time for love“, she bumbled
« ain’t got nothing but a dream on me,
you’ve got something that I really, really,
really, really need… — AˢSᵒᵒⁿAˢPᵒˢˢⁱᵇˡᵉ »
Norah Jones │ Son Little

bad love


in love’s poem, — sometimes, 
when you whisper to me, 
am silent… — 
so magnificent is 
to listen to your caresses, — 
so exquisite is 
to see my dream slide smoothly 
on the limit of your lips, — 
so sophisticated is 
the dispute of my heart 
with the breeze of your voice, — 
so sexy is 
to hear you howling without fuss 
into so good bad love of mine 

un p’tit je ne sais quoi © ᶜᵒᶜᵒ ;₎₎

waiting on you

I threw myself in the bottom of my stomach
to catch butterflies with the color of your eyes
using the love in the pretext of your emotions
waiting on you hidden in a visual aid sonnet

Al Green

nous deux…

Lucia Heffernan 🎨 theme — Duck Tours

❝ On va s’en faire des matins,

Les croissants dans les draps,
Juste toi et moi,
Tu verras, ce sera divin.
On va s’en faire des câlins,
Allongés sous les draps,
Rien que toi et moi,
Tu verras, ce sera divin
Nous deux,
Nous deux.
On attendra tous les jours
Que le soir vienne et qu’on se retrouve,
Impatients comme au premier jour,
Notre amour est sûrement plus fort que tout.
Ou, si tu préfère l’espace,
On peut s’enfuir sans laisser de traces,
En ignorant les lendemains.
Tu verras, on sera si bien
Nous deux,
Nous deux.
Elle retourne la question,
Elle a le regard fixe, une obsession,
Mais oui, il a raison !
Et tant pis si tout se casse,
Tant pis si un jour nos deux cœurs se lassent.
L’amour passé jamais ne s’efface,
Notre histoire d’amour gardera sa place
Tout au long de nos vies,
Et tu verras, on pourra se dire,
C’est des bons souvenirs,
C’était un moment intense de vie
Nous deux,
Nous deux.❞
— Christophe Thibault —

nous deux contre le reste du monde  
Ben Mazué


me, standing over there;

you, watching over me;
waiting, smiling, making
no mistakes,
blessing what is hidden…
the joys, the caresses… all 
in a beauty endless alchemy
un p’tit je ne sais quoi © coco
Philip Sayce


Like a Song by Willem Haenraets

My tranquility has colors.
It’s ROYGBIV… and the favorite,
it’s one with fondness scent.
It smells like wildflowers…
But my sonority power
sounds like a well-tuned piano.
A white piano… And yes,
my peace is smooth.
I hear nothing.
The nothingness is sweet.
My tenderness feels fine,
dainty like a velvet, blue velvet,
as is my love, sprightly like honey,
a… pleasant lavender honey…
But if the hate is bitter,
if the indifference hurts,
if the tears are like a… steam,
it’s not my job of defining
since my way of loving
is nectary and silky…
I live as blue as the sky
I feel the spirit warm
I live dreams and
when I wake up,
I refuse to see
that reality could be
an aphotic over-gloomy.
The magic of the stellar-dust
has spread its power all over me.
I live only in the honied and
warm colors of the rainbow.

un p’tit je ne sais quoi © ᶜᵒᶜᵒ ;₎₎

The Rolling Stones

hot thoughts

morning desires to yip all-day
to comfort you as if I kiss you

yet, changes are in intonations
making any sound to dissipate

if’s there any confusion, eject it
to feel just my murmurs of love

sip a coffee in your dreamy road
tinted by a windy wave, to bit you

in a spiced perfume of peony, joy
coriander, citrus, feel me, wear it

in your hot thoughts let it be me
love you in the divine frequency


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