yellow moon

take a sip of rosy wine built from happy grapes
in one hotty autumn, intentionally to infiltrate in
your blood, like a nervure, to exhaust your spirit
for the photosynthesis of my exquisite essence
in the ray of a yellow moon to shine deep in you

Matt Schofield

the limits

you adapted my body in breeze
felt and seen dancing in waters,
my lips, into moonflower corolla
to bring desires illustrated with
details in navy nuances of sky
as if it was given to you to write
with the ink of your holy visions
and the limits of your will, until
the last sunset last goodbye will
get vanish in a cloud set for it

BLOW — [Kid Francescoli]

Drop here!


here & now, — an-alluring-dream
the breath, — nuance-of-raspberry
arouse me, — the-kiss-is-justified
ludic, as-if-my-thought-is-in-yours
at hour, — i-look-at-you-right-now
caressed, — with Iko-Iko essence
The Belle Stars

Robert Plant 🎈♫♪🎧

❝ Do you gather flowers for me
moving softly through the trees
with the scent against your arms?
Long ago I knew your charms
as I walk through the purple hills 
of soon forgotten know 
my heart was in your hand,
all my heart is in your hand.
Do your lips still call my name?
Would your mouth still taste the same?
There I learned the sweetest words, —
Ooh, what price of mercy, yeah!
Though I steal all across the years
the memory lingers on
with my heart in your hand,
all my heart is in your hand.
Should I fall beside the road
everlasting wandering soul
and the memory sublime?
All my, my heart was there, yeah!
As I walk through the purple hills of long ago
I know my heart was in your hand,
Oooh, all my heart, all my heart… ❞


Regalo de Amor 🎨 Vicente Sobero

we are gonna meet today 
at this hour in this place; 
your heart will beat fastly 
without knowing to react 
seeing the look of my joy 
possessing your ecstasy 
in my sculpted silhouette 
having blond hair, rosy lips, 
silvery highlights, blue eyes, 
provocateur gesticulating 
a thrilling, [oooo…ahhh…
like no other human being; 
something so chic, smoothly 
which only you can hear it, 
you, — my love’s playground 
for which I’ve not to beware 
✓✍🏻 ;₎₎ 
un p’tit je ne sais quoi © coco 

Barry White ♪

oh, you little one…

oh you little one molded in the house of wolves
with your mind preoccupied with my mind, while
my thoughts are occupied with yours to both be
set equally for tasting drops of soundless honey
guided by magic whispers of an intimate galaxy,
wildly and cosmically and so-so passionately, one
surer than our love will ever be carved into stars

House of Wolves

should’ve been stars, sweet love…

the scent of the night is contoured 

in the shape of your soul and mine; 
is like a naive art painted 
in an imaginably wild style
grounded in a world which, 
i don’t know if it’s mine or yours but surely 
it’s out of a cosmically class designed all in one 
having as base the love and immortality
should’ve been stars, sweet love
❝ we’re made to be chasers
we’re made to be runners
we’re made to be dreamers
to wonder
it’s all or nothing
it’s now or never
now or never
i wanna feel everything 
on the contrary situate
all the colors in-between let ’em burst 
out [understory?¿]
it’s all or nothing
it’s now or never
we were made for this
we were made for this 
together, — 
but it chased that some like 
deal’s gone
the stars like yester’ 
it moved on
1st time we’ve seen 
seemed on our side
cause, we’re made for this
we were made for this
we were made for this
together, together, together ❞
Phillip LaRue 

all in all

Lo Moon


Alice Phoebe Lou

good-morning, good-night

The distance between us

it’s the distance between 
good-morning and good-night.
Give me the equator and I come
with poles, but I don’t know
if you’ll get faster than me 
or me, I’ll get faster than you,
with a new statement of intent
or a new statement of distance
for a new declaration of love
in the metaphysics form
telling me or, telling you 
surgically, in English —
murmured, I love you… 
Surely, I’m gonna ask you to
love me in your language,
from the sun to the moon,
from early in the morning
until midnight, even if 
the distance between us
could reach 100 miles 
or, 1000 of light-years.
My crazy love‧‧‧‧
good morning, good night
un p’tit je ne sais quoi © ᶜᵒᶜᵒ
[Bad Company] Paul Rodgers

and again I Love You

Surfer girl at Huntington beach. Painting by Kate Tova

And comes Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
Sunday and again today, — and again I love you.
Nor the time and nor the distance doesn’t change
this chemistry, this endless harmony.
Nothing, absolutely nothing can pass through
this prolonged and the profound longing which
becomes from time to time a material, an unreal,
a diaphanous felt through the veins, through the flight,
through the trees, through a full moon, and
what’s to come. It’s today, again and again, I love you.
Imaginary, put your hand on my chest and rotate it
in the direction of the sun for turning my heart back
in time, teaching it to beat as if would beat
at your chest as if both could beat far and closer,
through the snowflakes… inside us.
It’s today again, and again I love you.
Take my pulse to my wrist and count my years with
yours, and without ours, and then paints my shoulders
with the calendar of our love… Doesn’t seem
that’s looking like the map of the world?
We have the north, we have the south, we have sunrise,
we have the sunset and the falling stars. We have
hours of poetry and fear. We have magical days and
seasons, and… it’s today again, and again, I love you.
Compasses, watches, thermometers, our ignorance,
our unseen colors and the shadows hid through
the lights in a fog caught in the gold, which measures
our darkness in one thought, it’s surfin for us, therefore,
our love’s without blame, it’s like the light offered by flowers,
and only because it’s today again, and again I Love You.
©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ ↭ un p’tit je ne sais quoi

Kyd the Band

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