sweet… k

separated by a rectangle
we’re approached by music;
at the evening hours, 
synesthesia it’s you, it’s me
and a glass of red wine
a song floats through us
balancing errorless
our thoughts majestically
not in vain, we graduated
the course of language
…tenderly love
in endless sweet colors,
we’re blooming joy;
I am, [lost-in-your-love]
you are, — [K]
Cigarettes After Sex │ Colyer

call it dreaming

call it dreaming or relative freedom… 01:01
on architecture with changeable shapes,
dancing with my silhouette in infinite games
to charge your fantasies to the brim, — love 

Iron & Wine │ Zola Blood


theme — coups de coeur 🎨 Eliane Marque

I would like to get into your dreams… —
in those dreams genetically predisposed
of being sober in the realm of happiness
I would like to get into your dreams… —
making them more beautiful, — at once


summer in your arms

anastasia pankova 🎨 love

What can be done, when the soul
is lead ahead of the seasons
like if’s a locomotive full of buds?
What can be done, when the heart
breathes the rainbows even if outside,
the snowflakes are still dancing?
Where to direct them, when the blood
boils into the veins and the feeling
is as if something stumbling them
in a landscape with a wind of summer
choked in some stalking gazes? Why
when so many butterflies are flattering
in the dew of the moon, the sentiment is
as if are caught in a frozen light?
How many questions are necessary when
in me, you’re already the favorite season
out of thousands of dreams, and me, like
a flake in summer, in your arms, melted
©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ ↭ un p’tit je ne sais quoi

Louis Berry │ Jackal ft. Josh Congress

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