each day’s beautiful when it passes
from your eyes inside my eyes,
walking through one glance
of the virtual world of yours and mine
with everything that’s having here,
in this random circumstances
of your being in my being,
for discovering in any individual day
the distance that’s within us
measured by the testimony of some
true with strong and definitive feelings
brought by a poem or a song
intensely in my soul to yours‧‧‧…

Julien Dore │ Dardan

black magic

the shortest way,

from me to you,
is the longest road,
from you to me, —
could be the reason
for which happiness
it gets conjugated
at the past tense;
you may try any witchery
white magic, black magic
using certain tools
invoking spells, formulas
methods, and techniques
calling supernatural forces,
will not channel anything;
seems ridiculousness,
but loneliness takes care
to reminds you, —
the happiness
it gets conjugated
at the past tense

Jaymes Young

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