❝ telling your future
tell your past
give you forever
where nothing could last
when shadows have sifted
the last etiquette
she may decipher
your soul’s silhouette
    I can remember
you laid me down
taking me in sight and sound
the look on your face
I never forget
the shine of your skin
a soul’s silhouette
    as you lay dreaming
all logic is lost
your system steaming
the change of guard
in shadows and secret
insurgent assent
my favorite aroma
your soul’s silhouette
Chris Whitley 

kiss me

« Kiss my heavy eyes of so much cried, for
just your kiss it could be capable enough
to quench my gripped eyes by evil fire
and get ’em filled, with love and shine.

Kiss my mouth, — my lips are clutched and
have forgotten the sweetly smile and word,
with the serenity, they’re gonna smile again
and fall-in-love with you exactly like at first.

Kiss my brow as any miserable thought
and any kind of doubts to die, — bonus
to be for all my dreams, a revitalization
out of the spring, — for a new life…»

Chris Spheeris

[ poem by  M.Isanos — ]

translation‧‧‧ ©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ ↭ un p’tit je ne sais quoi

sweet… k

separated by a rectangle
we’re approached by music;
at the evening hours, 
synesthesia it’s you, it’s me
and a glass of red wine
a song floats through us
balancing errorless
our thoughts majestically
not in vain, we graduated
the course of language
…tenderly love
in endless sweet colors,
we’re blooming joy;
I am, [lost-in-your-love]
you are, — [K]
Cigarettes After Sex │ Colyer

call it dreaming

call it dreaming or relative freedom… 01:01
on architecture with changeable shapes,
dancing with my silhouette in infinite games
to charge your fantasies to the brim, — love 

Iron & Wine │ Zola Blood

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