Sun Ra

❝ i dream, i dream too much, 
but if i dream too much, 
i only dream to touch your heart, 
to touch your heart again; 
i close my eyes and see your hand, 
your smile, your joy in loving me; 
we dance, we dance and sing, 
we steal a touch of spring; 
i dream of everything, everything, 
everything we to have known; 
and yet, my dreams, yet my dreams, 
my dreams had shown me that perhaps 
i dream, perhaps i dream, 
perhaps i dream too much alone… 
too much alone ❞

between us

entre nous
it’s between us… —

between us is chemistry,
a greedy desire, like poetry;
it’s something that should be;
it’s a path from me to you
like a dandelion puff… —
an elusive fusion blue;
it’s the fact I want you
in me utterly like a symphony
of colors through feelings;
it’s what’s yours and I deserve it;
it’s what’s mine, advanced to you;
it’s a deep attraction between us, —
not even a fissure can’t decide when
we should be and not be together


 Peter Bradley Adams

salut d’amour

love is weak when fear
is equally strong, but
to dream with the hope
that a wonderful thought
it will wake you up
in some sweet sounds
and could bring you still
some feelings and a smile,
then all I gotta do is
le chuchotement les mots
à toi, — salut d’amour
Joe Dassin │ Elgar

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