my Love will protect You

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i have the taste of a song
from your lips on my mouth
filling my space with senses
as if our thoughts, right now
sail to each other to create
an absolutely divine touch
with an uncontrollable power
while your universe murmurs, 

my Love will protect You
©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ ↭ un p’tit je ne sais quoi
 Wayne Hussey ▬ The Mission [UK]

unveil your love

— An old wine…
— A new woman…
— New and cloudy and spicy and noisy…
— Suspended between desire and reserve,
I want to live my present without destroying the future…
— Yours or ours?
— Since when exist…ours?
— Exist…starting by…now…
— Do we have and a kind of past?
— About two glasses of…
— Hmmm…do you know, I’ve got a secret, I’ve made mistakes…
— It would be weird if you’d haven’t got… (if you’d didn’t…)
— You’re strange…
— Uh…what would you expect?
— I expect to be the first one which will not be dumped by you…
— Do you think I look like one who leaves?
— It doesn’t matter…
— It matters to me…
— Would you want another glass?
— Hmm…but I’m gonna see you double and
I don’t wanna feel as if I’m cheating you with you
— Well, we all want to drink the same wine but
to have another kind of drunkenness, huh?
— So…what are you waiting for?
— I’m waiting for you to be…that happening which happens to me…
the one who will unveil… Would you unveil your love for me?


John Sokoloff ft. Mark Lennon

nothing is real

make a sum of all the things
which could bring to you joy,
then divide everything to a few…
you’ll get a fractionated result;
give up; add a peaceful moment
found in a book and some music;
a wet mind deems nothing is real

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