of dreams

something out of me
looks for something
out of you somewhere
in the realm of some
certain kind of dreams
à la longueur d’onde
de l’énergie d’amour
©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ ↭ un p’tit je ne sais quoi
 ❝ She said I know you!
…and I wanted her to know me.
She said it’s beautiful!
…and I asked her to show me.
We walked through gardens
where the flowers sang in colors,
We touched things that are
only sometimes touched by lovers.
Candy-colored beaches –
glassy water’s shown as the present.
Touched the sky with colors
that’s so beautifully glistened.
Magical music filled the air
and we did listen.
The sun’s shown down on her
through clouds of pink and orange…
She moved so gracefully
through silk and satin shadows,
We knew of things that one
can only know with eyes closed.
Her hair caressed the air
and made it sing.
She knew of love,
She knew of everything.
The sun has shown down on her
through clouds of pink and orange…
She spoke in words
that told of things that really matter,
Be kind to rabbits,
and have pity on mad hatters.
Her eyes possessed my sight as
I sat looking at her. ❞ 
— Morgen —

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