lying in my bed

Afternoon Dreamer 🎨 Monika Luniak

if you’re already on a path
without knowing where it leads
I’m gonna murmur to your ear
you’re already in my dreams
the frisson is hidden in a smile
the febrile indecency it is
a tender sweetly delectation
you’re lying in my bed

you’re the metaphor of my being

you dream with me

John Mayall
«It’s about 5 o’clock in the morning
I’m lying in my bed, looking at my sleepy-eyed pretty girl
I guess she’s asleep now; God, she’s so beautiful
She may not mean a thing to you because people don’t know her as I do
But if you’ve got someone you love very much you’ll know what I mean

Wish I could get to sleep; so many thoughts about her keep coming back and I’m so very tired
Things like how I’m going to learn to understand the way she feels inside
I want her to love me and let me be her man
But that sounds too possessive; it’s not meant to be, it just sounds that way
Or to search each other’s bodies with the sensitive pleasure of the newness of making love
So new in fact we didn’t get that far yet
We haven’t known each other that long so, for instance, we’re still strangers and hold back at certain times when we should be close

She told me she never had pleasure out of sex before, sort of like an ordeal a lot of the time
So I guess she doesn’t really trust men very much now
So it looks like that part of our relationship is gonna take a while to happen the way it should
That’s why it’s so hard for me to fall asleep with her lying here – looking so defenseless, desirable and feminine

Time is so short these days but there are some things that can’t be rushed and I can appreciate that loving her is one of those things, if anything worthwhile is to be accomplished
Funny how in the daytime I never get to feeling quite this way
I mean, I probably wouldn’t be thinking these sort of thoughts
I’m looking out the window, see the dawn coming and sleep will soon be taking me to where-ever she is now
Sleepy eyed pretty girl, why are we so separate and alone?
How do you feel when the doubts’s between you and the one you love
It’s still 5 o’clock in the morning and I’m still looking at her
I know she’s asleep now
She looks so beautiful yet so alone, so alone, alone»

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