Sad but True for I’m not sure if it exists a category of what I’m doing… — or on contrary, maybe I know but don’t like to get limited to one genre, so better try to not put me in a box, for if it’s so I’ll claw instantly my way out. Thereby for fitting my work in a niche, I created — ᵏᴼᵏᴼ, [KᵉᵉᵖOⁿKᵉᵉᵖⁱⁿᵍOⁿ] a concept of my fantasy. Words seem easy to be written, now all I got to do is to fit them in an acceptable posy to express that certain thing‧‧‧ wrapped in a snazzy title… — un p’tit je ne sais quoi — while in the background some melodic lines intensify an invitingly moment. So, for whatever could rose and before to take a look at the visionary segment of a deep blue mind, where the revealed thoughts have not a title but rather a song, I wish you a day exactly as your dreams dance in the rhythm of your imagination. I love you, hug you and kiss you through music. Do the same. Why not be caught with me in the whimsy of the blues or rock, jazz or indie, metal or folk, all flavored by own juicy substitutions and spiced by known artists or less but with undeniable artistical abilities. Simpler, build with me castles in the sky using the hypothesis offered by a melody or an illustration, by a poem or a few wise flashes of some and/or yours. I’ll take care to expose them and to achieve a few shards of visions at whatever existing moment aromatizing a part of our free time till a new magical potion with drops of any kind of tints detected in an extraordinarily cinematic narration nicely connected at some level and well placed between reality and dreams will lead us at another moment of the day in the cadence of fantasy, profoundly anchored… Therefore, if some of those echoes lit your path and bring you here tempting you to get in, then feel free to explore any of my posts… ᴴᵘᵍ ;₎₎

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